"Women’s Rugby – A Work in Progress"

Hey, if you’re going to be in England anytime soon, be sure to check out this new women’s rugby museum exhibition.

Twickenham Museum launches ‘Women’s Rugby – a Work in Progress’ Exhibition
This week marks the launch of the Twickenham Museum of Rugby’s new exhibition looking at women’s rugby ahead of the IRB Women’s World Cup in Canada this September.

The exhibition, entitled ‘Women’s Rugby – A Work in Progress’, runs until 17th September and traces the evolution of the women’s game from its inception through to today’s global popularity.

Said Gill Burns, one of the world’s most influential players and president of the Rugby Football Union for Women, “In the early days it would have been difficult to imagine the progress made to today’s popularity of the game, with women playing at every level, from grassroots clubs to international teams. It’s exciting to see all the youngsters getting involved, the growing number of clubs with women’s teams.

“It’s excellent that the women’s game is getting recognition and we’re grateful to the Museum of Rugby for this exhibition. It’s testament to the popularity of our sport not only in England but across the world.”

The exhibition portrays a living history, highlighting some of the players and personalities from around the world who have brought their influence to bear, many of whom, like Gill, are still involved in the game.

Among the exhibits is the World Cup trophy, held by New Zealand and next contested at the fifth Women’s World Cup held in Edmonton, Canada this September.



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