Snazzy New Web Look for NYRC

It’s a very nice re-design for the New York Rugby Club.

And they linked to me here. Gracias!

Update: Just found this, but Big Thanks to Rachel from NYRC for linking me off of her blog, The Bubble. I’m adding it to the sidebar under “Ruggers Who Blog”. I like your template’s fun color scheme.




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4 responses to “Snazzy New Web Look for NYRC

  1. mutantin

    thanks for the link, i just found out that the womens team is playing on sunday 1st, which happens to be round the time when i’m in nyc, so i’m able to go there!!!!

  2. Blondie

    Have fun in the Big Apple!

  3. rachel

    thanks for the shout out Blondie! I’m amazed at the amount of information on your blog – You are my blogging hero.

  4. Hedwig

    Thanks for the link to our club. Check out women’s news for weekly updates!

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