Monkeyin’ Around: Week 8 & A Broken Pinkie Update

So it’s hard to believe but this week was already the last one of conditioning at the Monkey Bar Gym in our eight-week session. Thankfully, Chad our instructor really likes working with us and wants to continue training indefinitely. How cool is that?

It looks like we’ll be switching to one day a week from now on, probably Wednesdays at 6 p.m. to fit in with the men’s and women’s outdoor practice schedules (Tues. & Thurs. nights).

It’s funny to think back on how I was fairly positive I wouldn’t be able to keep up, much less make improvements, at the beginning. But aside from a little setback with the broken pinkie (more on that later), I really have noticed a difference. I am just stronger and have more definition in my arms and legs. My weight hasn’t changed number-wise (not that I need to lose weight), but I definitely have lost an inch or two in my tummy. My balance is also better and I won’t really know until our first full 80-minute game, but I sure felt better playing this past weekend. I could use some more running, but I felt stronger.

Overall, this was just a very positive experience I think. All of us that have taken the class have become more fit and strong, but we also bonded more. We were all getting our asses kicked together. I really hope we can keep this going and get more of our players involved. Plus the price was unbelievable. And Chad is awesome. Did i tell you all that he has come to some of our team practices in his free time, just so he can know more about rugby and what he can add to our classes to help us play better? How many personal trainers do that? Probably not enough.

So, this next Wednesday is our final class, b/c it’s the makeup day from the blizzard night a few weeks ago. We’re doing our fitness testing to see how much we have improved since we started. Needless to say I’m stoked to see what the difference will be.

And in a broken pinkie update for everyone, I went to the hospital yesterday for my two-week checkup and not all that surprisingly, it has not healed together as fast as my doctor would like.

Everyone likes to point out that it’s probably because I played this past weekend, but in fairness to the game, I think it’s probably due to the fact that I am far too overly active and didn’t stop working out or using my hand for most everything. And that the splint they gave me sucked because it shifted all the time and would come loose.

So my doctor sent me down to Occupational Therapy and a very nice lady made me a custom-fitted plastic splint that wraps around both sides of my left hand to cover the broken pinkie and the next ring finger. It’s fitted to my hand size and then I have velcro straps to keep in place, so it immobilizes that part of my left hand all day long, which I think will help me a lot. I’m going to keep training, but will not participate in contact rugby until our game against the Chicago Women on April 8. We’re their warm-up before the Philly Women play them for a challenge match for our Midwest No. 4 seed. So I’m missing a scrimmage on March 25 against our state’s Under-23 select-sides, but I’ll still be there to help out. Oh well.

By the way, Pinkie’s birthday was a good time. We had fun and it didn’t go too late. Tonight, we’re celebrating my sister’s birthday dinner at Red Lobster. She likes those cheddar biscuits. Goofball.



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