When were beer bellies ever attractive on a man?

Via Althouse, a BBC story on men becoming more obsessive with their bodies. Sorry, but I don’t feel sorry for you boys …

The days when a man’s beer belly was shown off as a symbol of his manliness are over, if a study is to be believed.

It suggests men are as body-obsessed as women – a third of respondents said they hated their stomachs and a quarter had issues with their entire bodies.

The phone poll of 500 men, for Norwich Union Healthcare’s “Mr Vain” study, found men felt pressurised to measure up physically to their sporting heroes.

And one in four said their partners put pressure on them to keep in shape.

The survey says men are now aspiring to the male celebrity physique seen in so many lads’ magazines.

According to the study, the body most men aspire to is that of England football captain David Beckham.

Actor Brad Pitt and Welsh rugby hero Gavin Henson follow close behind.

So, I’ll admit Beckham is nice to look at, but I don’t really find Pitt or Henson to be all that attractive. They are too small. American guys are bigger than English guys anyway though … I also think American men have been feeling this pressure longer than their UK counterparts. America is obsessed with looks period. It has pros & cons … if we all workout more to look better, at least some of our health will improve. Self-esteem and mental health we’ll save for a different day of debate.



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2 responses to “When were beer bellies ever attractive on a man?

  1. firecracker

    I think all men should aspire to have a body like Mathew McConaughey!!! Dudes got it going on.

  2. Anonymous

    What a crock. Neither “women” nor “men” feel pressure to be like anyone, rather it is the weak minded. Just get off the couch and eat, drink and be merry, and have a desire for life and learning (and play rugby!). That is “attractive” to me (a boy of two-score and two years). I have dated women who outweigh me and mouse-petit, and happiness boiled down to what was under their colored/tinted/bleached/curled/straightened hair. 🙂 Be healthy.

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