Girls’ Rugby Update From Nashville, TN

I got a great e-mail from Annie in Tennessee on girls’ rugby happenings down south to share with everyone:

Hi there

Hope you are having fun playing 10s this weekend!

An update from nashville: this weekend is the U19 NashBash ( at the Vanderbilt pitches – sponsored by/put on by the Nashville RFC. Both boys and girls high school teams are participating. This will be the largest girls bracket so far – with several teams from Memphis, Knoxville, and the middle Tennessee area participating.

Bryn Chivers, the current U19 Women’s National Team coach and ex-coach of Chicago Northshore and the Midwest U23s is in town to scout the tournament for talent and also to coach a clinic this evening from 4:30-7:30pm. Sheri Hunt, former 7s eagle who now lives in Memphis and coaches both boys and girls high school teams there, organized his trip and fundraised and is collecting a clinic fee from participants to cover his travel and food. The three of us had dinner last night, and boy do those two have rugby brains on them! He brought out his laptop and was playing clips from U23 NASCs during dinner and talking us through them. I am so excited to go to this clinic and learn from Bryn! It’s going to be great to see what he’s going to do with the U19 program.

In the meantime, high school girls rugby in TN is up and coming as well – with about 6 teams in Knoxville and about 4-5 in Memphis. The groundwork for this was of course laid by the terrific TN High School Rugby Foundation ( which continues to impress me with their organization and success in creating boys and girls teams across the state. This will be the 2nd time in 6 months women’s national team coaches have come to Tennessee to give high school-focused clinics. In September, Kathy Flores, Candi Orsini, as well as Danita Knox, Beth Fordyce, and Heather Hale, and Alex Williams gave a high school girls clinic on the labor day holiday to ~60 high school girls in Knoxville.

Play hard and keep up the great blog!


And Goff’s got results and scores from the U-19 Nash Bash (sub. req.):

Nash Bash Attracts 26 U19 Teams
March 14, 2006 – Middle Tennessee High School Rugby hosted the Nash Bash this past weekend, featuring 18 boys teams and eight girls teams from around the South and beyond.

“It was very successful,” said Mike Haverstick. “It’s not really about winning a championship, just about getting some good rugby played. We had some excellent referees, and that really helped raise the level of the games.”

Conference direct Jerry McLemore led the referee crew which included A-Panel ref Al Klemp.

Teams came from all over, not just Tennessee, The New Orleans Crusaders did well and Penn, Westerville and Carmel all came from the Midwest.

Among the girls teams, Brighton from a relatively isolated area of west Tennessee was a bright spot, as was Leaside from Toronto, Canada, looking for some warm weather. USA women’s U19 coach Bryn Chivers was on hand to see the talent and he ran a short clinic for the girls as well.

Hosts Vanderbilt University did an excellent job providing three fields for 26 teams.

Brentwood A 12 Penn A 7
Brentwood B 0 Penn B 10
Mud Dogs 15 Hamilton Southeast 17
Carmel A 45 White Station 0
Westerville Worms 5 Brentwood A 38
Carmel B 5 Powell 10
Brighton A 12 Atlanta Greyhounds 19
Powell 0 Overton All Blacks 15
Leaside Girls 44 Red Rhino’s Girls 0
White Station Girls 10 Nashville Girls 5
Brighton Girls 15 Carmel Girls 12
Maryville Girls 5 Leaside Girls 7
Powell Girls 14 Brighton Girls 15
White Station Girls 5 Carmel Girls 12
Maryville Girls 38 Red Rhino’s Girls 0
Nashville Girls 15 Powell Girls 15
Westerville Worms 5 Crusader Rugby 21
Brighton A 29 Riverdale Chiefs 5
Brighton B 0 Carmel B 37
Penn A 15 Atlanta Greyhounds 14
Penn B 41 Brighton B 5
Maryville 10 Carmel A 5
Crusader Rugby 51 Hamilton Southeast 5
White Station 13 Maryville 7

Penn A 19 Westerville 5
Penn B 17 Mud Dogs B 0
Brighton B 0 Maryville 58
Powell Girls 37 Red Rhinos 0
Hamilton Southeast 10 Brighton A 20
Carmel Girls 34 Nashville Girls 0
Brighton Girls 0 Leaside Girls 24
White Station Girls 0 Maryville Girls 26
Atlanta Greyhounds 10 Carmel A 10
Brentwood A 15 Crusaders 8
Carmel B 19 Brentwood B 17
Powell 10 Riverdale Chiefs 10
White Station 5 Overton 0

Thanks for the update Annie!



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