Whiskey 10s – 2nd Place

We only brought down 10 players, including two brand spankin’ new rookies, and finished 3-1 overall. This is us at the end, tired and covered in mud. Oh and one of our men’s players, Sprinkles, showing his support for our team.

Sorry for no blogging yesterday, but I stayed down in Chicago Sunday for the South Side Irish parade and a very nice St. Pat’s Day party, so we stayed down there until Monday and I’m still catching up. More to come. 🙂

You can see some more fun photos I took here.




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6 responses to “Whiskey 10s – 2nd Place

  1. Anonymous

    How come their are no photos of Pinkie putting the moves on Sean?

  2. Blondie

    Excellent question anonymous! But as you well know, what happens on tour stays on tour … at least in photos. 🙂

    Or unless you’re wrestling the older good-looking brother of one of your teammates and an entire audience of rugby players is watching and cheering.

  3. Anonymous

    I refuse to comment on that… other than to say I think said individual would have won the wrestling match if somebody from the sidelines didn’t tell them to grab his foreskin! It totally threw off their wrestling moves and made them question for a moment whether or not he was circumcised.

  4. gaelicwarriorprincess

    I believe the lack of photos such alleged events is due to the fact that everyone there was to wasted to run a camera.

  5. Anonymous

    I thought you were a celtic warrior princess !?!

  6. Blondie

    For clarification’s sake, I was not “too wasted” to run a camera since I was the designated driver. And I do happen to have a few interesting photos, but am unwilling to share them with the viewing public.

    And Firecracker, let’s try to keep talk of foreskins and circumcision off of the comments. My wholesome ears are burning …

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