Are you playing this weekend? I am.

We’ve talked about it earlier, but the early spring rugby tournament season is in full swing this weekend. I’ll be playing with my team down at the hopefully-not-too-cold Whiskey 10s in Chicago, while the Champagne Classic is in San Diego this weekend as well. By the way, that’s a grainy pic of my team after winning last year’s St. Pat’s Tourney down in Savannah, GA.

Word on the rugby street is that the Chicago Women are traveling to the Classic from here in the Midwest (because they won’t be representing at the Whiskey 10s). Any other teams making the long haul? Or will it be mainly California teams? I’ll look for results after the weekend. Send ’em if you got ’em (or pics).

I received my team’s brackets yesterday from the Southside Irish Rugby Team, who’s organizing the 10s tournament. Looks like my team – Wisconsin Women – and Northshore might be the only senior women’s teams, but loads of Illinois’ college teams. Should be good for our newer players to dip their toes in to the rugby experience. Also, big thanks to the University of Wisconsin player, Anne, who’s joining us for the weekend.

I’ll post recaps and maybe some photos after the weekend.




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3 responses to “Are you playing this weekend? I am.

  1. nurugger8

    North Shore went to Champagne Classic 3 years ago. There was California well represented, as well as Oregon, both Seattle teams, and Colorado I believe. A great time…..

    Watch out for Southern Illinois Old Girls too, not a women’s team per se, but women’s players.

    Last year when we played Whiskey Tens we won every game and didn’t get scored on. It was freezing (read, teams dug their own fire pits) but still a good time!

  2. Oklahoma Rugby

    The University of Oklahoma tied the University of Oklahoma 5-5. It was an amazing game as UNM believed the would stop us by at least 50 points. Their coach refused to play overtime as I believe he believed they would lose.

    It was amazing! Good rugby!

  3. Oklahoma Rugby

    Typo fix: The University of Oklahoma tied the University of New Mexico 5-5.

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