Flores, Barry Add More to Eagles’ Matches Against Canada in June At NASCs

WomenEagles.com spoke with Head Coach Kathy Flores and Program Manager Anne Barry on the announced USA vs. Canada matches in June…

“To my knowledge, this will be the first time that two of our national teams (Senior and U19s) will play international test matches at the same time and venue. It’s exciting at so many levels,” said USA Rugby women’s program manager Anne Barry. “All of the best players from around the country will be assembled in all age groups (Senior Women, U23s, and U19s) in one place. While competition for a national championship for their territory will be fierce, the players will get to come together to support the women’s national team as they compete against nemesis Canada as both teams prepare for the Women’s Rugby World Cup in August.”

US Women Eagles coach Kathy Flores is “happy to have the matches. We have been pursuing several international matches and were delighted that Canada is joining us at our All-Star Championships. It’s nice to finally have some matches on our own soil as there will be a lot of players and fans on hand for the tournament.” When asked about using the venue to strengthen her World Cup squad, Flores said, “we will be working with the players we feel most likely will be involved with the World Cup as well as working with other players. The coaching staff has not set a final roster yet so there could be some changes to the final list depending on performances at this venue. Everyone involved in this process is an important part of the squad going to the World Cup.”

Photo: By Jen Doan from WomenEagles



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