A Blog-Free Weekend

I didn’t declare it, but it turned out to be a blog-free weekend. In fact, I didn’t touch a computer once.

Friday, I worked late and wrapped up some final aspects of a project I hope is close to completion (because I don’t like it at all). Then Sparky and I scored some food at Culvers, which disappointedly has decided to get rid of their buffalo chicken tenders. So after a moment of sadness and indecision, I ordered a burger which turned out to be bigger than my head. I’m still kind of bummed about the tenders though. Why must restaurants do this? (Can you tell I love food?)

Saturday was chock full of rugby. I got up early, visited my brother for a little bit and then drove down to Milwaukee for our Wisconsin Union’s spring AGM at Marquette University. Since I have attended far too many AGMs, both in college and now for my senior team, I find myself (especially as a women’s player) in the small minority of people who actually pay attention to what our Union is doing, ask questions, speak up way more than I would normally and stir things up a bit. I do this because the vast majority of people attending could care less, but if questions and issues are addressed, there has got to be somebody paying attention. I’m fairly sure a few of the people think I’m an overly opinionated bitch, but I could care less. My team has to pay in a lot of money to play in our state and I want to make sure it’s being spent wisely and good decisions are being made that affect both my team and the game in our state.

Also, I would like to just officially thank all of the people who attend these meetings on behalf of their clubs, especially the officers of our Union, and work tirelessly to help rugby in Wisconsin. 90% of players in our state could care less and just want to show up, play and go party afterwards, so that other 10% is pretty damn important.

I also scored a free parking spot right near the building, so thank you to the MU student who was working the lot booth when I pulled in by mistake, but still let me park there without a permit. You made my day.

AGM wrapped up by 3:30ish, but I stuck around talkin’ rugby with some old boys who can really talk rugby til almost 4:15 … so then I had to fly home (with a stop at Qdoba b/c I was starving) to meet with one of our new team coaches, Bill, and one of our team captains, Nicole, at 6. Got there at 5:57. Oh yeah.

So, much to his credit, Bill had prepared a presentation for us, complete with handouts on his plans for coaching our team. Considering we have barely been crawling by without a coach for the past 8 months, which is NOT something you want to do as a Midwest Division I women’s team, it was really awesome to hear his plans and see his enthusiasm for coaching us. I really hope it all works out.

This week, we have to meet with our other potential coach, and hopefully we can get that set and move ahead.

Sparky spent all of Saturday moving into his house, which has 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, and just one Sparky. It is a very cool house though with a ginormous yard that I love. I have a huge crush on this house. So, I hung out with him Saturday night and Sunday and we both just kept commenting on how weird it was to be in his new house.

He also needed to go price out window blinds (or “window treatments”), which was a bit of work. The JCPenney lady kept showing me features that a woman might be interested in, such as things that help you clean easier. I got a little bristly, since I don’t really see myself as little Holly Homemaker and won’t likely be dwelling much on dust on window blinds. In the end, Sparky has decided to purchase his blinds, for much less money, at Menards … which if you knew Sparky is one of his favorite places in the world. It was especially funny to compare the selling process of window blinds at JCPenney, all floral, womanly, aren’t these lovely, versus Menards, pick ’em out, cut to measure, hey man, you can hang them up yourself.

Our training session last night suffered from the snow falling all over, so just myself and one of our props, Johnson, showed up. Which frustrated me a little, since I had driven across the city and other players, who live nearby, didn’t bother even calling to at least say they weren’t coming. But I stuck around, worked out with our guys and even had a fan cheering me on to run faster from our new coach’s little boy who had come to watch. “Run faster, hit those boys”.


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