McCoy Holds Women’s 7s Camp

Women’s national rugby sevens coach Julie McCoy is holding a camp in Arkansas to make selections for this month’s Hong Kong 7s. From GoffOnRugby (subscription required, so in full below).

Women 7s Team to Assemble in Little Rock
By Alex Goff
March 1, 2006 – All eyes turn to Little Rock again in women’s 7s as head coach Julie McCoy holds another camp, this one to select a side to compete in Hong Kong.

McCoy has not be coy about her selection processes, making it plain that incumbent players are always vulnerable, but that the burden of proof lies on the challenger.

“In one sense you’d like to have exactly the same team together over a long period,” McCoy told GoffonRugby. “You take any group and work on them as a team, and the chemistry is good, they will get better.”

McCoy likes the chemistry of the team she has – adding that a team’s own character drives itself; “you coach the team you have.” But still it’s reasonable to expect some of the 17 players at camp who didn’t play in against Canada February 10 to break into that lineup.

In playing Canada in that exhibition at the USA 7s, the Eagles showed they could dominate a game. They held ball and possession advantages throughout in winning 12-0. Now McCoy is very aware that dominating in a 7s game shouldn’t lead to a 12-0 score, but more to a score in the 30s or higher. The USA, as women’s 7s is in general, suffered from the lack of a long passer who could better exploit the width of the field.

“That passer just isn’t out there right now,” McCoy said. “You can’t just flip a switch and say ‘OK, we’re passing the ball 15 meters from now on.'”

So the Eagles are concentrating on playing stifling defense, making the passes they can make, and learning to beat the opposition one-on-one.

“If you win Hong Kong, no one remembers the score, just that you won,” said McCoy. “We’re putting together a game plan that can help us score some points, and not give up points in silly turnovers.”

And winning in Hong Kong? Yes, that’s on the agenda, too.

USA women’s 7s camp invitees:
Kate Turpin
Suzanna Barth
Lynelle Kugler
Dana Creager
Sarah Chobot
Tina Nesburg
Amy Daniels
Jackie Limburgh
Alison Price
Daniela Mogro
Jess Hammond
Teena Maestrangelo
Annie Antar
Kristen Bonomo
Sue Hanson
Katy Hertel
Pam Kosanke
Stephanie Bruce
Jo Ward
Christy Ringgenberg
Melissa McKibben
Janay Lake
Jen Flateman
Laura Cabrera
Courtney Warner
Sarah Davis
Kelly White

Coach Julie McCoy
asst Chris Ryan
Mark Santiago
Physio: Beet McKinnon
Manager: Wendy Motch

Three players with ties to Wisconsin and several from the Midwest. Good to see! But it looks like Jen Sinkler’s missing … still the knee injury?



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