Sometimes it is too much …

Everyday I struggle to balance all of my commitments. There is simply not enough time, money or Me to do everything that I want or need to do in a day … and I’m not the best juggler. I drop the balls sometimes.

Lee’s blogging about this too, working hard to balance rugby, life and work. Liz is as well. She gets up before dawn to coach a HS team and works late at night. I know because I can see she sometimes checks my blog at midnight or 1 a.m. (Get some sleep Liz!) 🙂

I posted something related in December when I was thinking about the differences between playing in college and playing senior rugby now.

I’m thinking about it today because my balancing act was thrown off a bit by the broken finger, and right now I’m eating Pringles instead of a healthy snack because I haven’t had time to go grocery shopping, let alone rugby duties, paying my bills, laundry … the list is long.

I think maybe blogging is therapeutic for this stress a little. And I think I gain greater comfort knowing that I am not the only one trying to figure this all out … at least in our little rugby world.


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  1. nurugger8

    I took a long day off today. Went to sleep after talking to rugby peeps at 7pm and woke up around 8am, promptly to roll over until about 1pm.

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