Four to Six Weeks …

Yup, it’s broken. I have a nice clean fracture of my left pinkie finger, the proximal phalanx (lower bone on the pinkie).

See my splint in the picture. I’ll be the hit of any party with my realistic giraffe, moose and dog shadow puppets.

I also confounded the young resident I first had my appointment with, Dr. Ombrello (not Umbrella) because this is my second broken bone in 6 months. Do I get enough calcium? Yes, I love dairy products. How’s my circulation? He checked it, I was fine. Just a rugby player who keeps jamming my hands … He also seemed a bit surprised that I didn’t want any pain medicine since “broken bones can be quite painful”, I was fine with Tylenol if needed. It doesn’t really hurt, just kind of a low, dull throb in my finger and only if I move it.

[Sidenote: I have a high pain tolerance (I think a lot of women do). I’ve known this since high school when my appendix ruptured, I thought had the stomach flu, ignored it, so it eventually burst and I didn’t go to the doctor until almost two weeks after I first felt sick. They said I would’ve died if I had waited another day. So, yeah, important lesson learned πŸ™‚ … even if it doesn’t really hurt, go to the doctor for a check-up.]

So, Ombrello sent me off to Orthopedics to get my splint from another nice resident named Dr. Dunbar. He had to re-do my splint because the first one was too big (I have small hands) and that was cool to watch the artwork behind making a splint and the layers of it. Then he formed it to my hand and this was the only time I actually felt any pain, because to position my pinkie and third finger together properly, he had to push directly down onto the break an straighten them out and down a bit. So now I have a splint ace-wrapped to my hand and I go back in two weeks to see Dr. Ablove for my progress report, a smaller splint hopefully and probably a little lecture since he handled my last break as well. πŸ™‚

I’d like to note that I’m improving my game in the bone-breaking business … this time it was only my left hand, only a finger and a clean break. It is just an annoyance compared to my last one. I will have to adjust some stuff for training though, since the splint doesn’t let me put weight down on my hand flat, so no pushups and probably no pullups at the Monkey Bar. But I’m sure Chad can tell me some good substitutes, so I don’t lose any training.

I’m still planning on going to Chicago for the Whiskey 10s in two weekends, just not sure about playing. A game-time decision I guess. Blogging will also be shorter for a while because I’m typing with only one hand and an extra pointer finger. Oh well … this update took me a while. πŸ™‚



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