Update on Eagle’s Chula Vista Camp

WomenEagles.com has expanded the information in their Chula Vista camp announcement, including links to the Chula Vista Olympic Training Center and the Hong Kong 7s.

65 Invited to Chula Vista Camp
2.24.06 – 65 players from throughout the US have been invited to an elite camp to be held March 22-26, 2006 in Chula Vista. Coach Kathy Flores is holding “the Chula Vista camp to keep going forward with the development of players. Even though this is a World Cup year, the program must continue identifying players for the future. The camp will also give those athletes who are posssibilities for the World Cup the opportunity to work together.” The camp will consist of veterans from the UK Tour squad, USA “A” squad members and new players that have been identified at the past All Star Championships in Orlando, FL. Flores said, “the developmental aspect of the camp will concentrate on fitness, skill development and decision making. While the tour squad will be working in similar ways, the main objective is to develop synchronicity in their decision-making and improve their productivity at the point of contact.”

All the players from the UK tour have been invited and are attending with a few work-related exceptions. 5 players are excused from the camp as they will be competing at the Hong Kong 7s on the US National 7s Team. US 7s Coach Julie McCoy and Flores are in agreement that the international experience these players will gain is invaluable.

The camp will be held at the United States Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, California. This state-of-the-art facility hosts elite athletes year-round. Rugby is considered an “affiliate” sport and therefore can utilize the facility.

A full coaching and training staff is also expected to be on hand. Congratulations to all of the athletes invited to this prestigious camp! Check out the full list of invitees.

Good on them for adding some more information concerning the Eagles’ 7s players. My earlier post here has the list of invitees if want to see it. And here’s the official US Olympic link to the Chula Vista facility.

Added: I just realized that they changed the invitee count from 64 to 65 … and made sure Lee Knight was on the list I believe, even though she is unable to attend.



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