Ruggerfest Update: All Blues, Frost Giants in Final

Here’s the official recap of Ruggerfest down in Fort Lauderdale this weekend … hopefully, we can add some shine later with any recaps of players who attended. Like my favorite smartass No. 8 in the whole wide world …

Fort Lauderdale Day One (from GoffOnRugby – Subscription Required)
February 25, 2006 – At the Fort Lauderdale Ruggerfest, the Boston Irish Wolfhounds and the Denver Barbarians emerged pool winners in the men’s premier division, with BIW defeating White Plains 43-10 and Kansas City 32-13, while the Barbarians beat Boston 33-3 and Palmer 25-10.

Kansas City and Palmer beat White Plains and Boston, respectively, to earn a spot in tomorrow’s semifinals.

“We have no idea what to expect,” said Boston Irish Wolfhounds’ Sean Kelly. “We’ve got some young players who we hope will be able to step up, and this is a great place to do it.”

In the women’s brackets, the Frost Giants will face Navy and the Berkeley All Blues will take on NOVA in the semifinals.

The men’s club bracket continues pool play tomorrow as there are four teams in each group. However Denver Barbarians are 2-0 and should expect to beat Toronto Scottish, and Pegasus is also 2-0, having beaten Doylestown and Milwaukee. They face Boston Irish Wolfhounds Bs.

Frost Giants 59-0 Boston
Berkeley All Blue 52-0 Maryland
Boston 0-29 NOVA
Maryland 0-27 Navy
Frost Giants over NOVA [Four tries to 0 acc. to Pinky]
Berkeley All Blue 64-0 Navy

And then here’s Goff’s Final Recap:

Fort Lauderdale Day Two: Barbos, All Blues
February 26, 2006 – In an exciting day of rugby featuring several close matches, the Fort Lauderdale Ruggerfest crowned six champions on Sunday.

The tournament itself was highly successful, with a high standard of referee (several national A Panel refs were on hand) and a high standard of play, especially considering how rusty some of the more northern teams were.

Over 50’s
Runner up. FOBS (Florida Old Boys Society)
Winner EXILES (Ft Lauderdale Alumni)

Over 45
Winner. St Lambert Locks of Canada

Over 35
Runner up Pelidactyls of Tampa Bay
Winners, and returning champions VIRGINIA

Mens Club
Runners up PEGASUS (South Territory development squad)
Winners DENVER ‘B’

Women’s runner up FROST GIANTS
Men’s runner up Boston Irish Wolfhounds


MV REFEREE Carla Cross from Minessotta
MVP Women player Stephanie Bruce of Bekeley
MVP Men, Denver #10
SPORTSMANSHIP AWARD Joint winners The Rugby Whores and Wilmington

No word yet on scores for the second day …



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