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2,000 Hits and I Keep On Coming At Ya

The 2000th visitor just viewed Saturday’s A Rugby Day … it was Dan in Milwaukee! And by the way, thanks for the pin on my map Dan.

I would say you win a car or something … but yeah, that ain’t goin’ to happen. 🙂

So, yeah, 2000 hits. More importantly, the second thousand has happened in just one month, compared to three months for the first thousand.

I have also racked up my 300th post with this one. I’m getting quite agile & mobile with thise whole blogging thing, as Sparky likes to say. Who, by the way, just closed on his first home today. Big congrats Sparky!

So, THANK YOU to everyone who reads this and thanks for passing it on. In close, and in honor of a day where I have a dumb broken finger but am still kicking ass, a quote from an American film classic:

“Just when I thought you couldn’t get any dumber, you go and do something like this… and totally redeem yourself!”

— Harry to Lloyd in Dumb & Dumber, after Lloyd trades the sheepdog van in for a moped to drive to Colorado



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Sometimes it is too much …

Everyday I struggle to balance all of my commitments. There is simply not enough time, money or Me to do everything that I want or need to do in a day … and I’m not the best juggler. I drop the balls sometimes.

Lee’s blogging about this too, working hard to balance rugby, life and work. Liz is as well. She gets up before dawn to coach a HS team and works late at night. I know because I can see she sometimes checks my blog at midnight or 1 a.m. (Get some sleep Liz!) 🙂

I posted something related in December when I was thinking about the differences between playing in college and playing senior rugby now.

I’m thinking about it today because my balancing act was thrown off a bit by the broken finger, and right now I’m eating Pringles instead of a healthy snack because I haven’t had time to go grocery shopping, let alone rugby duties, paying my bills, laundry … the list is long.

I think maybe blogging is therapeutic for this stress a little. And I think I gain greater comfort knowing that I am not the only one trying to figure this all out … at least in our little rugby world.


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USRFF Helps Raise $15,000 for Katrina’s Rugby Victims

Found this via Goff and added links, because his weren’t working properly:

Rugby Union Recovery Raises $15K
February 27, 2006, Birmingham, Ala. – After Hurricane Katrina hit the southeast coast of the United States last fall, the US Rugby Football Foundation and USA Rugby South led an effort to create the Rugby Union Recovery Fund to aid rugby programs affected by Hurricane Katrina.

Today, the Fund announced it has delivered a check for over $15,000 to the USRFF. The contributions were collected through direct donations and proceeds through the sale of the Rugby Union Recovery Fund t-shirt to support redevelopment of rugby in the affected areas.

The Recovery Fund was supported by nearly every major US rugby sports brand that united to underwrite the cost of the fundraising efforts including the t-shirt printing.

“These clubs lost everything and we are just grateful we are able to support their efforts to bring rugby back to the affected areas,” said World Rugby Shop’s Bernard Frei, one of the rugby companies involved in the effort.

“There’s still a long way to go. The TV cameras are gone and the real significance of the disaster is starting to hit home as people try to move their lives forward again. The rugby community has come through in a big way, I am extremely proud to consider myself one of them.”

The Rugby Union Recovery Fund has sold over 900 of its t-shirts as fundraisers and hopes to sell enough in 2006 to reach its goal of $30,000.

“I can’t believe it but everyday I see orders for these tees,” says Frei. “People really do care and it’s having an impact. We’re by no means finished with our efforts—these people still need our help and we and the team at USA Rugby and the Foundation are going to keep plugging away with this .”

In the upcoming months, the US Rugby Football Foundation will be allocating the money to clubs in need as players and families return to their communities and rugby play begins again. The Fund still hopes to receive more contributions to better serve these areas. The USRFF is currently working with the rugby officials in the affected areas to see how best to disperse the funds where they’ll provide the most benefit.

“We are extremely delighted and humbled by the results thus far, however, it could take years to rebuild these areas and bring back the game of rugby,” said Brian Vizard, executive director of USRFF. “We just hope people realize that this effort is still moving forward and needs the rugby community’s support.”

Individuals can still buy a Rugby Union Recovery Fund t-shirt from which 100% of the proceeds will go into the recovery fund. These shirts are available online at

Direct donations can be collected through the USRFF website at Once on the site, individuals can click on the ‘Contribute Today’ link and designate a contribution to the Rugby Relief Fund. Checks can also be sent to the USRFF. Checks should be made out to the USRFF, earmarked for the Rugby Relief Fund, and sent to:

2131 Pan American Plaza
San Diego, CA 92101

Donations to the Hurricane Katrina Rugby Recovery Fund are tax deductible through the IRS as 501 (c) 3 charitable giving.

Here’s a link to buying the shirt too.



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Four to Six Weeks …

Yup, it’s broken. I have a nice clean fracture of my left pinkie finger, the proximal phalanx (lower bone on the pinkie).

See my splint in the picture. I’ll be the hit of any party with my realistic giraffe, moose and dog shadow puppets.

I also confounded the young resident I first had my appointment with, Dr. Ombrello (not Umbrella) because this is my second broken bone in 6 months. Do I get enough calcium? Yes, I love dairy products. How’s my circulation? He checked it, I was fine. Just a rugby player who keeps jamming my hands … He also seemed a bit surprised that I didn’t want any pain medicine since “broken bones can be quite painful”, I was fine with Tylenol if needed. It doesn’t really hurt, just kind of a low, dull throb in my finger and only if I move it.

[Sidenote: I have a high pain tolerance (I think a lot of women do). I’ve known this since high school when my appendix ruptured, I thought had the stomach flu, ignored it, so it eventually burst and I didn’t go to the doctor until almost two weeks after I first felt sick. They said I would’ve died if I had waited another day. So, yeah, important lesson learned 🙂 … even if it doesn’t really hurt, go to the doctor for a check-up.]

So, Ombrello sent me off to Orthopedics to get my splint from another nice resident named Dr. Dunbar. He had to re-do my splint because the first one was too big (I have small hands) and that was cool to watch the artwork behind making a splint and the layers of it. Then he formed it to my hand and this was the only time I actually felt any pain, because to position my pinkie and third finger together properly, he had to push directly down onto the break an straighten them out and down a bit. So now I have a splint ace-wrapped to my hand and I go back in two weeks to see Dr. Ablove for my progress report, a smaller splint hopefully and probably a little lecture since he handled my last break as well. 🙂

I’d like to note that I’m improving my game in the bone-breaking business … this time it was only my left hand, only a finger and a clean break. It is just an annoyance compared to my last one. I will have to adjust some stuff for training though, since the splint doesn’t let me put weight down on my hand flat, so no pushups and probably no pullups at the Monkey Bar. But I’m sure Chad can tell me some good substitutes, so I don’t lose any training.

I’m still planning on going to Chicago for the Whiskey 10s in two weekends, just not sure about playing. A game-time decision I guess. Blogging will also be shorter for a while because I’m typing with only one hand and an extra pointer finger. Oh well … this update took me a while. 🙂


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A nice bruise is forming …

There is a nice, poofy starting-to-purple bruise forming underneath my left pinkie finger. It is most definitely swollen.

I have a doctor’s appointment at 3 p.m. for x-rays and the verdict. Dr. Umbrello … sounds like Umbrella. I just know it’s going to be a crack or a break. And Dr. Umbrella will tell me that I need to put on a cast of some sort and not use my hand for the next two months … as if that’s going to happen.

Suffice it to say, I am not happy. And have dropped the F-bomb under my breath several times this morning.

I think the Big Guy was trying to tell me to behave or something … be good or I’ll break your finger. Nothing big, just a subtle reminder of omnipotent power … yes, yes, trying to be good. *sheesh*

Further Thoughts: If it is in fact cracked or broken, and not just some bruised thing that will go away in a day or two, I am going to be rather frustrated. Because it is going to affect my ability to train and play and push myself, however small this effect might be. But then I think that I am very lucky it is not my hand again, or my arm, or blowing out my knee in an explosion of my ACL. So I need to keep telling myself that …

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Update on Eagle’s Chula Vista Camp has expanded the information in their Chula Vista camp announcement, including links to the Chula Vista Olympic Training Center and the Hong Kong 7s.

65 Invited to Chula Vista Camp
2.24.06 – 65 players from throughout the US have been invited to an elite camp to be held March 22-26, 2006 in Chula Vista. Coach Kathy Flores is holding “the Chula Vista camp to keep going forward with the development of players. Even though this is a World Cup year, the program must continue identifying players for the future. The camp will also give those athletes who are posssibilities for the World Cup the opportunity to work together.” The camp will consist of veterans from the UK Tour squad, USA “A” squad members and new players that have been identified at the past All Star Championships in Orlando, FL. Flores said, “the developmental aspect of the camp will concentrate on fitness, skill development and decision making. While the tour squad will be working in similar ways, the main objective is to develop synchronicity in their decision-making and improve their productivity at the point of contact.”

All the players from the UK tour have been invited and are attending with a few work-related exceptions. 5 players are excused from the camp as they will be competing at the Hong Kong 7s on the US National 7s Team. US 7s Coach Julie McCoy and Flores are in agreement that the international experience these players will gain is invaluable.

The camp will be held at the United States Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, California. This state-of-the-art facility hosts elite athletes year-round. Rugby is considered an “affiliate” sport and therefore can utilize the facility.

A full coaching and training staff is also expected to be on hand. Congratulations to all of the athletes invited to this prestigious camp! Check out the full list of invitees.

Good on them for adding some more information concerning the Eagles’ 7s players. My earlier post here has the list of invitees if want to see it. And here’s the official US Olympic link to the Chula Vista facility.

Added: I just realized that they changed the invitee count from 64 to 65 … and made sure Lee Knight was on the list I believe, even though she is unable to attend.


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England Beat Scotland, Other Women’s Six Nations Results

Six Nations recaps from the Women’s Rugby World Cup site:

Women’s Six Nations: Week three
26 FEBRUARY 2006
England ran in four tries as they beat Scotland 22-5, Henley’s Danielle Waterman marking her return to England colours with a try, the other scores courtesy of Michaela Staniford, Nicola Crawford and a penalty try. Lindsay Wheeler crossed for Scotland.

“Because of the cold and windy conditions it was a bit of a scrappy game,” said England coach Geoff Richards, “but we are still on course for the Six Nations and Grand Slam titles.”

In the weekend’s other matches France proved far too strong for Spain, running out 38-0 winners in Biarritz, while 14 points from Welsh full back Non Evans was enough to condemn Ireland to their second defeat of the championship, 14-7, at Donnybrook.

Here’s further details via for England beating Scotland and Ireland’s loss to Wales.

Also, the Women’s Rugby World Cup is looking for volunteers.


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